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The aim of this project is to help you to build your things.
From Bootstrap themes over static websites to single page applications.

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What advantages does Baumeister offer?

The administration of dependencies can be completely solved via the `package.json` of the project. No additional file needs to be modified, e.g. if new libraries or files like fonts need to be added to the JavaScript and CSS bundles. The package.json section `baumeister' contains the properties `bundleCSS`, `bundleExternalJS` and `includeStaticFiles` for this purpose.

Another advantage of Baumeister over other solutions is the simple adaptation of automation tasks through the maintainable structure. Each task is a separate npm run script and in the package.json these tasks are only plugged together. If a task is not needed during the entire automation process, it can therefore be localized very quickly and easily deactivated - even if you are not familiar with Baumeister's overall structure.

What offers iFORP

The collaborative, cross-disciplinary development of ideas is a very powerful, yet challenging approach to innovation. iForp supports this process with the rapid creation of WebApp prototypes. The prototype can be based on HTML/CSS/JSS as well as on images such as sketches, wireframes and screen designs. Individual views can be linked to logical clickflows. In addition, the tool supports the documentation of user feedback and design decisions. The tool is published under the MIT license (OSS) and runs as a webapp and can be installed and operated in your own infrastructure.

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We have recorded some screencasts to help you to get started using Baumeister for prototyping with HTML / Handlebars. We have published the first three episodes which only provide a german audio track for now.

Quick install guide

For those already using Node and npm.

via Yeoman

$ npm install -g yo
$ npm install -g generator-baumeister
$ yo baumeister
$ npm run tasks

See for details.

via Git

$ git clone
$ cd baumeister
$ npm install
$ npm run tasks

See for details.

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